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operating system


In operating system Booting is a startup classification that twitches

The working system of a computer when it a twist . Therefore

operating system

a boot order is the first set of  a process that a computer achieves when it a convert on.

Every computer has a boot order. After that the normal computer

doesn’t appreciate  in the boot arrangement but is the  significant

to know for modifying and troubleshooting your computer.


A device driver is a specific form of software application

So that a intend to the  allow interface with the  hardware devices.

However, Deprived of the compulsory device driver, the consistent hardware device nose-dives to work.
A device driver frequently connects with the hardware by resources of the communications subsystem or computer bus to which the hardware is connect. So Device drivers are operating system-specific and hardware-dependent. A device driver acts as an interpreter among the hardware device and the lists or operating systems that custom it.

3. DOS Operating System  TECHNOLOGY:

Similarly, It was a initially present in two forms that they  are basically  same

but they are  promote under two different names.

“PC-DOS” was the form establish by IBM and sold to the first IBM-compatible creators.

“MS-DOS” was the form that Microsoft bought the rights to, and was lacking with the first forms of Windows.

4. Memory management Technology:

Memory management stands the functionality of an operating system

which switches or achieves main memory and changes processes

vertebral and forth among central memory and disk throughout completing.

Memory management saves path of all and each memory location,

irrespective of any it is assign to some process or it is allow.

5. Window Technology:

A window is an part on the monitor that shows material for a particular program.

This often comprises the user border GUI as fine as the program content.

However Windows are cast-off by the  most requests as well as the operating system himself.

A characteristic window comprises a title bar laterally the top that defines the insides of the window, but shadowed by a toolbar that comprises user border buttons. But most of the window’s lasting area is use to show the content.

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